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We have books and downloadable ebooks for over 35 different kalimba types and tunings – each one needs it’s own book.

How do you know which ebook is right for your kalimba? Most ebooks have an extra image showing you the tuning and note layout, so you can verify which ones will work for you.

Our ebooks are made with kalimba tablature, precise but elegantly simple graphical instructions for which kalimba tines to play and when. Six-year-olds can learn to read the tablature, and of course, so can you.

Most of our downloads are PDF ebooks with live links – click on the sound icon (or sometimes the song title) and your web browser will be driven to play the MP3 file so you can hear how the song is supposed to go! A few of the downloads are still ZIP files – download them to your computer and then send the individual song files to your phone or tablet.

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