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The Moon-10 is a new kalimba with fantastic special effects and wonderful new tunings. Comes with a case and a booklet. We also have ebooks for three of our specialty tunings.

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The Moon-10 is a new (2020) kalimba from Magadi. A solid resonant block “floats” on the goat skin membrane to produce a rich and resonant sound. The standard tuning in C major pentatonic / A minor pentatonic is easy to play the sounds of a starry night, a setting sun, a mountain spring, or a desert wind. The Moon-10 comes with a black padded case to keep it protected on your travels, and a tablature-based 24-page color manual to help you on your kalimba journey. This manual focuses on showing you some of the powerful improvisational techniques you can use on the Moon-10, and puts several learning tools in your hands so you can blaze your own trail through this fun and enchanting new instrument. Alternative tunings are available.

See and Hear the Moon-10 Tunings

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Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 3 in


The Moon-10 Kalimba, tuned to the standard C major pentatonic scale (the “New Moon” tuning), is great for jamming and cutting loose! The kalimba comes with a hard copy book focused on this tuning.

The Moon-10 Kalimba, in “Silver Moon” tuning (C major DIATONIC scale), is able to play more chords and more songs. There is an instructional download for the “Silver Moon” tuning.

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Mark Holdaway

Mark Holdaway

Mark Holdaway has been playing kalimba for over 30 years. He invented his kalimba tablature in 2004, and has been writing books and instructional materials for kalimba ever since. His business, Kalimba Magic, is based on the simple proposition that the kalimba is a real musical instrument capable of greatness. See answered questions.