Kalimba Magic Kalimba Solo For Lotus DL Learn to play SaReGaMa's Kalimba Solo for Lotus - includes Tablature (19 page), two handed staff not.. Product #: DL_LOTUS_SOLO Regular price: $10.00 $10.00

Kalimba Solo For Lotus DL

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: DL_LOTUS_SOLO

Price: $10.00

This download has all the instructional material you need to learn to play SaReGaMa's number one kalimba hit "Kalimba Solo for Lotus". Included in the ZIP file are: a 32 page book-style PDF including 19 pages of Kalimba Tablature and 10 pages of two-handed staff notation for the full Lotus Solo; the KTabS file for the tablature; a PDF with a single staff (ie, for reading on a piano, guitar, or just sight singing); and a MIDI file made from the staff notation.

This download teaches the SaReGaMa Kalimba Solo for Lotus shown in this video: