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Easy Alto Download

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: DL_EasyAlto_1

Price: $10.00

A new, easy-to-use  e-book that shows you how to  get started with your kalimba playing.

While this book starts at a very basic level, it accomplishes some cool things that will ease your kalimba playing in the direction of understanding and musical competency.

Chords and arpeggios (chords one note at a time) are the easiest things to do on your Alto kalimba. Scales, which require crossing over, are the hardest things to do. We focus on both of these musical elements, and show you how to create some impressive music without a lot of work.

54 pages, 46 examples, exercises, and songs, this e-book comes as a PDF with clickable links to drive your web browser to play the MP3 files.