Hokema Hokema Double Sansula The Hokema Double Sansula is a cool concept... Product #: HOKEMA DOUBLE S Regular price: $120.00 $120.00

Hokema Double Sansula

Brand: Hokema

Price: $120.00

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Sansula Tuning:

If you don't select, we'll ship "Standard A minor".  You can learn more about the alternative tunings on the sansula tuning page.

The Hokema Double Sansula is an interesting kalimba for a number of reasons:

First, listen to this sound recording of the Hokema Double Sansula.   

Headphones are probably best.  I am playing both of the Sansulas, but one is near the left microphone and the other is near the right microphone.  This gives remarkably good separation in the sound recording, leading to a pretty trippy effect.

Second, because the body is pretty long and solid, this instrument has a very long sustain.  Again, listen to the recording.

Third, if you have a friend, they would probably love to play one side while you play the other.  A very sweet past time.

Fourth, as you may know, Kalimba Magic has been experimenting with Sansula tunings for almost 10 years.  These two Sansulas don't need to be tuned to the same notes, we can tune them both to alternative tunings, or even to the same alternative tuning.  There are several ways to work this: one person could play the instrument, going back and forth between the two different tunings or sides;  two people could use the instrument in two different tunings, mainly taking turns with playing so as not to be dissonant;  one or two people could play with the two sides of the instrument tuned the same way, either in the standard A minor tuning, or in one of the alternative tunings.

Right now, the tuning option applis to both sides of the instrument - both sansulas will by default come in the same tuning.  If you want two different tunings on the instrument, please request it in the COMMENTS field.