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Download of Freygish Karimba Book

Brand: Kalimba Magic

Price: $10.00

This 64-page PDF contains kalimba tablature and links to MP3 and KTabS file downloads for 54 exercises, songs, and new compositions for SaReGaMa’s Freygish-tuned 17-note Karimba.

You can look at the table of contents for the Freygish Karimba book to see the kinds of material that is in this book.

For an example of the music in this download, see the Videos Tab on this product.

What can be said of the Freygish-tuned karimba's music? This tuning is the most regular (ie, most predictable, most understandable, and in some ways most playable) of SaReGaMa's three tunings. It brings alive baroque melodies and harmonies, romantic music box waltzes, fiery Middle-Eastern music, hot Latino grooves, and nostalgic sensual and sweet music. A great kalimba for spring time, and a great kalimba for falling in love with.