Hokema Hokema Sansula Renaissance The Sansula Renaissance is a Sansula mounted on a Remo synthetic head - robust and great sounding.. Product #: HOKEMA_SANSULA_REMO Regular price: $195.00 $195.00

Hokema Sansula Renaissance

Brand: Hokema

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If you don't select, we'll ship "Standard A minor".  You can learn more about the alternative tunings on the sansula tuning page.

This is a truly delicate sounding instrument. Imagine going into a secret room that nobody but you knows about, a place where your soul can be renewed as you surround your mind and heart with mystical beauty. That's what playing this instrument feels like!

The coolest thing about the Sansula is the way it produces the "wah wah" sound. On the Hugh Tracey kalimba, the wah is produced by covering and uncovering the sound holes to change the resonant frequency of the sound box. The Sansula is mounted on the head of a small drum which serves as the resonant cavity, and the resonance is altered when you hold it firmly against a flat surface or if you tilt it off of that surface. (Please don't beat on the drum, as this instrument is very delicate and will break if you misuse it.) So, you get the wah-wah effect by lifting it up and putting it back down on a table, or a board or book on your lap.

The Sansula's standard tuning is an A minor chord, with a few other notes thrown in. This tuning is a double-edge sword - you will not be able to play any songs you might think of playing on it, but on the other hand, EVERYTHING you play will have a unique mystical and haunting beauty, whether you know anything about music or not.

Listen to this sound comparison among Pocket, Renaissance, and Deluxe Sansulas.

We have completed three hard copy books, one for Standard Am tuning, one for Beautiful E tuning, and one for Heavenly A tuning, and have a good start on the Bluesy E tuning download.

Learn more about the Sansulas here.