Kalimba Magic 11 Advanced Trad. African Karimba Pieces for ALTO Kalimba Download tablature in PDF and KTabS format, plus mp3s, for 11 Advanced Traditional African Karimba p.. Product #: DL_Adv_KARIMBA_for_ALTO Regular price: $11.00 $11.00

11 Advanced Trad. African Karimba Pieces for ALTO Kalimba

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: DL_Adv_KARIMBA_for_ALTO

Price: $11.00

This download consists of a ZIP FILE containing tablature PDFs, KTabS files, and MP3s for each of 11 traditional African Karimba songs, arranged for the Hugh Tracey ALTO Kalimba in G These songs and their multiple variations were collected from the literature by Ivodne Galatea, with assistance from Mark Holdaway.

Important note: these songs were created on the African Tuned Karimba, also known as the mbira nyunga nyunga, and playing them on the ALTO is possible, but is more challenging, and will require some special tricks - in other words, this will be a challenge, but it should be worth the effort you put into this music.

You are invited to read the 7 page AAA_ReadMe file that comes with this download, which will give you a clear idea of exactly what you are getting. If you are a beginner, you may want to consider purchasing the 10 Traditional Songs download, which is easier. On the other hand, this download has enough material to keep you going for many months, and several of the tunes start out fairly simply.

This newsletter article shows the tablature for the first variation of Mahororo and includes an MP3 for that song in F (but this particular download is for the G Alto Kalimba instrument).

The songs available are:

  • Amai Vachauya - 4 variations plus intro and outro
  • Chemutengure - 24 variations
  • Chikunda 1 - through composed - 10 different phrases
  • Chikunda 2 - through composed - 7 different phrases plus intro and outro
  • Hwawa - a single phrase
  • Kana Ndoda - 7 variations plus an intro
  • Kukaiwa - 3 variations
  • Mahororo - 9 variations
  • Ndo Nofirra Msango - through composed, about 3 variations plus intro and outro
  • Ndo Wombera - 4 variations
  • Nhemamusasa - 4 variations