Kalimba Magic Exploring the Hokema B11 Kalimba Book New 74 page book with 64 songs and exercises for the B11 kalimba.. Product #: HardCopy_B11_Book Regular price: $16.00 $16.00

Exploring the Hokema B11 Kalimba Book

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: HardCopy_B11_Book

Price: $16.00

This 74 page book is full of instructional tips and tablature for 64 songs and exercises arranged just for the Hokema B11 Kalimba. The material starts out very easy, appropriate for a beginner, but progresses to provide challenges for better players - in other words, anyone can start on this book and there is room to grow!

I find the note layout for the B11 to be particularly nice and inspiring of really neat music.

Sound files for the songs can be downloaded for free.

An example song from the book can be found in this blog article.

This "Multi-Mode Music" is the last piece in the B11 Book, and it showcases the divrsity of modes that the B11 easily covers.