Kalimba Magic Afroharp Download Download the PDF for the Afroharp book - 46 pages and 41 music downloads... Product #: DL_AFROHARP_BOOK Regular price: $9.00 $9.00

Afroharp Download

Brand: Kalimba Magic

Price: $9.00

This 46-page PDF contains kalimba tablature and links to MP3 and KTabS file downloads for 41 exercises, songs, and new compositions for Afroharp, a 1970s 13-note kalimba. This music works equally well for the vintage Afroharp or the new Catania Afroharps - as long as they are in the standard tuning.

For an example of the music in this download, see the Videos Tab on this product. 

Two sample lessons from this book are available on this product page - look at the main image for the Afroharp download.  Right beneath the main image are things that just look like a bunch of lines - if you click on them, you will get the images for two pages in the Afroharp book.

Vintage Afroharp and Catania Afroharp in harmony on a song based on one of the pieces in the Afroharp book.