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When I was learning to play kalimba, information on where it came from and how to play it was almost impossible to find. Those days are gone forever. For 30 years, I have studied the kalimba, and I freely share my wisdom with the world. Enjoy!

Why Choose Kalimba Magic?

  • We dont just sell kalimbas like other shops: our staff plays kalimbas and can provide expert advice
  • Kalimba Magic has the largest selection of kalimbas, kalimba books, and kalimba downloads in the world
  • The Kalimba Magic web site has thousands of informational pages, dwarfing other sources of kalimba information
  • We offer personalized services such as special tunings, wood preferences, and custom tine painting
  • Every kalimba we ship includes a tuning chart and card showing you the care and feeding of your new kalimba
  • We offer several instruments - the SaReGaMa Lotus, for example - that are available nowhere else on earth
  • We offer 27 kalimba books and 30 instructional downloads, applicable to many different kalimbas
  • If you have a kalimba in a tuning that has no book or downloads, we can create music and instructional material for you.
  • The Kalimba Magic Youtube channel has 140 videos and over 4.7 million views - a great kalimba resource
  • The Kalimba Magic Newsletter is a great way to keep informed about what is happening in the kalimba world
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What others are saying about us?

  • Tyler Van Arsdale

    Tyler Van Arsdale

    Kalimba Artist, Yoga Instructor

    The kalimba has been by my side through thick and thin. It provides solace when I feel alone, peace when I am frought with worry, and joy when I share it with others. Kalimba will always be in my life. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful instrument.

  • Kyle Heide

    Kyle Heide

    Ethnomusicologist and Music Instructor

    I appreciate your direct approach to helping people enjoy this family of instruments as quickly and smoothly as possible, whatever their backgrounds may be.

  • Serena Gabriel

    Serena Gabriel

    Kalimba Performer and Healing Arts

    Mark gave us a music theory lesson and kalimba history lesson, and a beautifully inspired musical jam. It was incredible! I was in bliss and in awe!

  • Béla Foltin, 2016

    Béla Foltin, 2016

    Kalimba Lover

    Your's is the best and most responsive businesses to your customer base that I have seen on the Internet. Keep it coming! We appreciate it.