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Improvising on the 17-Note Kalimba

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Each morning this time of year, I take one of my kalimbas out for a walk. The beat of the walking supports the kalimba playing, keeping the rhythm steady, allowing the kalimba to soar high and free.

I cannot take you on my walks, but I can encapsulate some of the feeling of this music, and some of the support the steady steps provide. The music evolves, grows, travels, returns, and wraps up. Join me for this journey? I’ll walk you through it step by step. You can learn from me.

       – Mark Holdaway // Kalimba Magic

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There is nowhere else on earth that shares this kind of detailed, insightful kalimba information. If you are into the kalimba, this is one of the places on the web you should be coming back to again and again.

Kalimba Tablature – Short Videos

Here is a general history of how people notated kalimba music, roughly 1950 through 2004: @kalimbamagic##Kalimba ##kalimbatutorial ##kalimbatablature ##kalimbahistory ♬ original sound – kalimbamagic Here


A Brief History of the Kalimba

A lot of people in recent years have come to the mistaken conclusion that the kalimba is a Chinese instrument. Until about 2017, the Chinese-made

Tatyana, 2020

“I totally fell in love with Kalimba and can't get enough of it. I only wish my learning progress was faster. I've been spending a lot of time practicing but I work full time and need sleep and food as well 🙂 “


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