Hugh Tracey Hugh Tracey HotShot-11 Kalimba + PU The HT HotShot-11 (formerly HT Celeste Diatonic Jr) is a great kalimba for students who outgrow the .. Product #: CDJUNIOR+P Regular price: $120.00 $120.00

Hugh Tracey HotShot-11 Kalimba + PU

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: CDJUNIOR+P

Price: $120.00

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This is a great fun instrument for improvisation and cutting loose - with a n electronic pickup.

The HT HotShot-11 (the kalimba formerly known as the Hugh Tracey Celeste Diatonic Junior) is a great kalimba for students who have grown out of the 8-Note, this kalimba provides enough notes for harmonic complexity and counterpoint, yet the 11-note layout permits speed and freedom.


THIS one comes with a piezo-electric pickup, so you can plug it into a guitar amp or a PA system with a 1/4 inch guitar chord.

Listen to these sound clips:

HotShot-11, Standard G + PU

Hitzazkiar Tuning + PU

Running one and a half octaves from D+0 to G+1, the HT HotShot-11 is an intermediate step between the 8-note kalimbas and the Alto. With a few extra notes below the upper octave, this instrument will help the budding kalimba player understand about bass notes and accompaniment. Yet, with only 11 notes, this instrument has a bit more space between the tines, making for more relaxed playing.

If the Alto is too much for you, but you want to begin to venture into complexity, this is the kalimba for you.