A New 10-Note Kalimba in C

Get your Kalimba Magic 10-Note Kalimba today!

The 10-Note Kalimba is a great instrument to start on. Great for a child, or for an adult who wants to feel the joy of music without the extra baggage of a larger kalimba.

The big thing to remember is that these are the same 10 notes as the lower, central 10-Notes of the 17-Note Kalimba – meaning anything you learn to play on this kalimba can be played immediately on the 17-Note Kalimba.

Playing “Mwana Aboyi Mama” on the 10-Note Kalimba.

These are very sweet kalimbas, with soft, wide tines, modestly spaced, that are easy on young thumbs and beginners of all ages. Key of C.

With 10 notes, this kalimba is actually quite a capable instrument and is able to play a lot of really nice music, including the repertoire of African karimba music.

This kalimba is made from stained mahogany wood. We are back to a circular sound hole – heart-shaped sound holes tend to crack, unfortunately, but the circular holes are less likely. Handsome “Kalimba Magic” wood burning design.

The painted tines help you match the tines to the kalimba tablature. You can get the tines unpainted if you request it.

This kalimba comes with a Free 32 page ebook– “Introduction to the 10-Note Kalimba in C”. There are actually eight books and downloads that will work for this 10-Note kalimba. This introduction contains material from most of these, and shows you how to find the various books and downloads.

This is a stepping-stone kalimba: everything you learn on this kalimba can be played on the Hugh Tracey Alto kalimbas, or on the new 17-Note kalimbas in C. This kalimba is a step toward a life-long enjoyment of the kalimba. Our 10-Note Kalimba is made in China to Kalimba Magic specifications.

I would also recommend the new Kalimba Magic 10-Note Kalimba to anyone who just wanted to start playing kalimba. What a great introduction to the kalimba!


“How do I hold the tablature to read it?” Plus: Get Free Stuff for Being Smart!

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