How to Play the Moon-10 Kalimba

The Moon-10 Kalimba is new sort of Sansula made by Magadi in China. They are high quality instruments, the playing experience ranges from fun to meditative to exhilarating. Available in several tunings, ranging from capable to exotic.

Meet the Moon-10 Kalimba

What makes the Moon-10 so awesome? Good quality workmanship. Not too many notes, so it is not overwhelming. The upeer-tine / lower-tine system is good for speedy playing via the slideoff technique, and is also useful as an organizing principle to help your brain understand this kalimba. World class special effects (the “wah wah”)… And spectacular tunings and instructional resources.


Exotic Tunings on the Moon-10 Kalimba

Right now, we are creating the instructional resources for the standard tuning (the “New Moon”) and six special tunings of our own invention: “Golden Moon”, “Silver Moon”, “Blue Moon”, “Silk Moon”, “Blood Moon”, and “Snow Moon”. When we are done with those, we have six more exotic tunings coming, for an entire years worth – 12 Moons,


Introduction to the Moon-10 Tuning

This 24-page booklet comes with every Moon-10 Kalimba we ship.  It mostly deals with the standard tuning, a C major pentatonic tuning. This tuning is great for improvisation and jamming.

Instructional Download for the “Blue Moon”

The “Blue Moon” tuning is a C minor pentatonic – similar to the tuning it come in, but in minor, with a bluesy attitude. This is a great tuning for bluesy improvisation.

Instructional Download for the “Silver Moon”

The “Silver Moon” tuning is a C major diatonic tuning. The low note is middle C, and it just goes right up the scale from there. This is a good tuning if you want to play songs that you know.

Instructional Download for the “Golden Moon”

The “Golden Moon” tuning is an F major diatonic tuning, but with a low note of C. It is very similar to the “Silver Moon” differing only by a Bb instead of a B tine. But the difference is night and day. There are hundreds of songs you can do on these 10 notes tuned this way, and the 100+ page download proves it!

The new (2020) Moon-10 kalimba has a bright future as one of the stars of the kalimba world. Watch this space for more information in the coming months.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the email form, or speak directly to Mark Holdaway at 520-488-7641.Contact Us

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