New! The Magadi M17 Kalimba

The Magadi M17 Kalimba is tuned the same way as the recent flood of Chinese kalimbas. This means it can play all the same music and read the same books and download. But this kalimba has so much more to give!

First of all is the sound quality. Each individual note seems to bask in perfection. Every note is equally loud. The high notes ring clear and true, and so far, every single M17 kalimba has been seemingly perfect, on every note.

The next thing to notice is the distance between the tines. It is way more spacious than your typical 17-Note kalimba, which means that it is much easier to play the right note. See how I just fly through the notes in the demo video.

This kalimba can be played hand-held, but it also plays very well sitting on a table.

And the price of this kalimba is also quite attractive. This kalimba truly inspires greatness. A pleasure and a delight.

Look here for instructional resources for the 17-Note Kalimbas in C... but remember, we ship this kalimba with the booklet “Intro to the 17-Note Kalimba in C”.

Isn’t it time that you step up to a truly amazing kalimba at an affordable price?

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