Save 50% on Exotic Star-13, Moon-10, and Olive-9 Kalimbas

Use the coupon code Magadi50 to save 50% on any of these Magadi Kalimbas: the Star-13 Kalimba, the Moon-10 Kalimba, and the Olive-9 Kalimba. Code Magadi50 is good through Dec 15 2023. See below about why you might want one of these kalimbas:

Hey, Meet These Three Special Kalimbas

Why Do You Want an Exotic Magadi Kalimba?

I fell in love with the Magadi Kalimbas when I first played them. I saw great possibilities. I understood the exotic tunings and rich sounds that could be made with these cool kalimbas. And I thought that my enthusiasm for them would translate into great sales of the Star-13 Kalimba, the Moon-10 Kalimba, and the Olive-9 Kalimba. They are great designs, and a lot of fun to play, each offering something unique to a player on their kalimba journey.

And yet, here I am, in the process of shutting down my business with way too many Magadi Kalimbas on hand. Yes, I am keeping dozens for gifts to give in the coming years. But I still have too many.

I am still enthusiastic about these kalimbas, and at 50% off, I am making it possible for virtually any player to own one of these handsome and well built kalimbas.

It turns out that the Magadi Mini-7 Kalimbas are something of a hit, and I will run out of them soon without putting them on sale. Hence the coupon code won’t work on the Big Mini-7 or the Little Mini-7.

Check Out The Magadi Kalimbas on Sale:

Magadi Star-13 Kalimba

The Star-13 is tuned diatonically in C. The two row tuning system makes new note combinations and melodies easy – that is, this kalimba has it’s own sound and feel. Plus the wah-wah affect you get by hinging the hollow resonant chamber off of a flat surface. And it is available in some exotic tunings. It comes with a 40 page booklet I wrote to help you master the Star-13.


Moon-10 Pentatonic Kalimba

The  Moon-10 is usually a pentatonic instrument, but can also be tuned to diatonic scales. I am particularly proud of the many exotic tunings I have made for this kalimba. At 50% off, it is actually a viable thing to get two, three, or four different tunings, as each one will make quite different music. And these will make great holiday gifts for the people in your life. This one also has the resonant “wah wah” chamber.


Olive-9 Pentatonic Kalimba

The Olive-9 is pretty cute. It is naturally tuned to an A minor pentatonic scale, which is compatible with C major kalimbas. With so few tines, and spread out over two rows, it is a nice kalimba choice for spacing out and just improvising. The oval shape, plus the hollowed out space on the back, make it really nice to hold (and still do a “wah wah” effect. And we are practically giving them away!


Learn More About The Magadi Kalimbas:

Phases of the Moon: Moon-10 Alternative Tunings

Amazing Tunings of the Magical Star-13 Kalimba

New! The Magadi Olive-9 Kalimba

New! The Magadi Star-13 Kalimba

How to Play the Moon-10 Kalimba


Kalimba Magic Closing in Spring 2024.

I will be retiring in spring 2024. At this time, Kalimba Magic does not have a buyer, so I am liquidating my stock of kalimbas and books.

I am trying to sell off my inventory at a substantial discount, but in an orderly way that doesn’t disrupt the kalimba market. Each week, I will be offering a different kalimba at a steep discount. If I don’t run out of that kalimba, I will eventually come around later and offer an even steeper discount. But if I run out of a certain kalimba, I am out of that kalimba, and I won’t be getting any more of them. Sorry.

So, I invite you to purchase the kalimba of your dreams now, before they are gone, and before I am done with my business. Or, I invite you to sit around and wait for the deals to get even better somewhere down the line.

Last week, we ran a 50% discount code on pentatonic kalimbas – PENTA50. That sale is ongoing until Dec 6 2023.


Kalimba Magic – Since 2005

When I started Kalimba Magic in 2005, I never expected it would end. I was just living my joy, and sharing it with the world. Writing books to show the world how to play, and writing blogs and making videos. Giving lessons and presentations on the kalimba, karimba, and mbira. It was all a blast.

But things change. I cannot persist in the current business climate, dominated by inexpensive Chinese-made kalimbas and cut-throat competition in which my books and website have been pirated to benefit others.

I’m on my way out. I am closing my doors in 3-5 months. We will continue hosting and selling instructional kalimba downloads. We may partner with other kalimba sellers. But we will be done with shipping.

This is a shame, because Kalimba Magic offers a great many unique kalimba styles and tunings, and most of them have high quality instructional materials.  For over a decade, Kalimba Magic dominated the kalimba ecosystem online. But at this point, I cannot keep up.

If you have been intending to get something special that only Kalimba Magic offers, you may want to contact me about that. Sooner rather than later?

It has been a privilege, and usually, a joy, to serve the Kalimba Community. It isn’t quite time for “over and out” – but I’m getting there.

Blessings, and Thank You!

Oh, and use the code Else25 to save 25% of everything else we sell at Kalimba Magic. And Else25 will not expire until we close our doors.

Mark Holdaway // Kalimba Magic // Tucson AZ // November 26 2023


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