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Check out the Star-13 Kalimba

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There is a new maker of high quality kalimbas in town. Magadi makes kalimbas with sterling clear sound and innovative designs. Check out this video of me jamming on the Magadi Star-13 Kalimba

This is a great model because: 13 notes is enough to make some real music on. The sound frame gives you a great and expressive wah-wah effect. The double row note layout lends itself to melody and harmony together. The tines are really close together at the top… meaning by the time the two rows split, the tines are still close enough together to do an easy glissando.

And when you buy a Star-13 Kalimba, we will include this 40-page booklet that shows you way many things about understanding and playing the Star-13 Kalimba.

       – Mark Holdaway // Kalimba Magic

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There is nowhere else on earth that shares this kind of detailed, insightful kalimba information. If you are into the kalimba, this is one of the places on the web you should be coming back to again and again.

Tatyana, 2020

“I totally fell in love with Kalimba and can't get enough of it. I only wish my learning progress was faster. I've been spending a lot of time practicing but I work full time and need sleep and food as well 🙂 “


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