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Kalimba Magic sells quality kalimbas, including South African Hugh Tracey, "2B", Catania, and Goshen kalimbas, as well as Hokema Sansulas. We are the world's leading supplier of kalimba music and instructional materials. We can help you choose the kalimba or book that is right for you and help you to get the most out of your kalimba.

The Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba with Pickup is really cool when you plug it into an effects processor.

The kalimba is an ancient instrument from Africa, simply made from a wooden box and a few tines of flattened metal, but its music is filled with a spirit of beauty and complexity. The mission of Kalimba Magic is to spread the joys of kalimba music around the world. We invite you to stay and discover the wonder that flows from this very special instrument.

Customer Quote of the Week

The work you have done over the last decade to promote the kalimba, through your website, recordings and performances, is nothing short of amazing. As an ethnomusicologist, I appreciate your direct approach to helping people enjoy this family of instruments as quickly and smoothly as possible, whatever their backgrounds may be. Your hugely generous sharing of relevant information, techniques and musical insights has obviously inspired many people to gain an even greater level of satisfaction with music making. Personally, I gained a lot from your African karimba book, which helped me explore some new approaches to improvising, even though I had already learned the available African pieces from the insert and from Paul Berliner’s classic book. It also expanded my story-telling palette in a recent set of presentations to first-grade students.

Kyle, 2014

The new 15-note F Box Karimba

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