Selling Quality Kalimbas

Selling Quality Kalimbas

Selling quality kalimbas including Hugh Tracey kalimbas from South Africa, "2B", Catania, and Goshen kalimbas, as well as Hokema Sansulas.

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World's Leading Supplier

World's Leading Supplier

We are the world's leading producer and supplier of kalimba music books and instructional materials.

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We Can Help You

We Can Help You

We can help you choose the kalimba or book that is right for you and help you to get the most out of your kalimba.

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The kalimba is an ancient instrument from Africa, simply made from a wooden box and a few tines of flattened metal, but its music is filled with a spirit of beauty and complexity. MORE INFO

The mission of Kalimba Magic is to spread the joys of kalimba music around the world.MORE INFO

Featured Kalimbas

  • African-tuned Karimba

    African-tuned Karimba
    The African-tuned Karimba has a tuning and note layout that are thought to be over 1000 years old, and it has a large repertoire of traditional African music.

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  • Hokema Sansula

    Hokema Sansula
    The Hokema Sansula has an exotic and mystical New Age sound. It comes in several different tunings and has several instructional books.

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  • The Alto Kalimba

    The Alto Kalimba
    The Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba has more instructional material than any other kalimba. It is beautiful and is great fun to play too!

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  • Goshen Kalimbas

    Goshen Kalimbas
    USA-made Goshen kalimbas are pretty, versatile, very smooth, and are very reasonably priced. Models are available for beginner through expert.

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  • Pentatonic Kalimbas

    Pentatonic Kalimbas
    No matter what you play on a pentatonic, it sounds great! Great for jamming. We have pentatonics by several different kalimba makers.

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      What are the 5 makes of kalimba that I can purchase from Kalimba Magic?

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      What Customers Are Saying

      • I was watching Ben and Eddie the other night.  Ben picked up the kalimba and started playing.  Eddie (two years old) was fascinated.  Once we explained that he had to be careful, and how to touch it he played with it for quite a while.  We held it, so it didn't get thrown, and he experimented.  A sweet sweet moment.  Thank you.
        I think of you, and hope you are well.

        Alice, 2015

      • Hello Kalimba Magic.
        I am very happy with my purchase of the Hugh Tracey box pentatonic kalimba, the quality of the instrument is evident, and customer service has been great. If anyone asks I will recommend Kalimba Magic.  Thanks!

        Kelly, 2015

      • Thank you so much Mark!
        All your newsletters are very generous and enjoyable!  And filled with so many informations to get our spirits uplifted! You have seemingly found a beautiful and genuine way to be happy! Thank you for sharing it in such a devoted way! May your life flourish, your thumbs dance and your ears never get bored of music!

        Sacha Dayananda, 2015

      • I am loving this 8 note kalimba. It's like having all the handpan drums. I can tune it to all these interesting scales and then just riff away with it.

        Diane, 2015

      • I received your 12-Note Kalimba Exercises book Friday. I am extremely pleased with it. Thank you for setting up an outstanding tutorial. Everything is clear and easy to understand. Any questions I had were answered. It is an outstanding asset to anyone interested in the kalimba.
      • While I had anticipated having to choose one of the instruments you shipped me and sending the other back, it seems that I cannot put either of them down.  I am enjoying them both thoroughly and even a colleague of mine has taken a liking to them as well.  Perhaps he'll buy one, too, in the near future.  Thank you so much for all your support and help in getting these to me.  Kind regards!

        Peter, 2015

      • I've been so delighted with the celeste alto, because the form factor is a great pleasure to play, its light and easy to carry, and it fits very comfortably to play.  I like the thickness of the board.  It goes with me everywhere.   Compact and lightweight, and I LOVE the sound.

        Jan, 2015

      • Thanks again for everything you do! You and these instruments have been such a blessing!

        Eri, 2015


        Thank you for the wonderful Kalimba Magic newsletter. I absolutely LOVE the SaReGaMa Freygish tuning of the karmiba and my task for today will be to re-tune my karimba. It is beautiful. So is the air tuning for that matter...decisions, decisions, decisions...

        Kathryn, 2015





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