The New 96-page Alto Chromatic Download is Here!

This 96-Page PDF download has all sorts of great instruction for the Hugh Tracey Alto Chromatic Kalimba. It is the book you have been waiting for. As far as I know, it is the only book for the chromatic kalimba.


Better late than never. As I am moving toward retirement, I am finding more time to do the projects I really want to do. And this Chromatic book is one of those projects. I have been selling chromatic kalimbas for 15 years, and there has never been a book to instruct you on playing them. Yes, this book presents unique challenges, but here we are!

This book takes three different approaches to the chromatic:

* We present a number of songs that have modest use of chromatic notes – you will know most of these songs, which will help you. And these start out just on the front side, and add chromatic notes gradually. It should be a path you can start with.

* We try to explain the different ways the chromatic notes are used, including scales, chords, and some of the techniques at play in chromatic music.

* On page 62, we have a number of chromatic kalimba exercises. These are each just a few measures long, and will help you guide your fingers and thumbs in the common shapes and movements that you will need to perform in the various songs. This starts out simple, and eventually dives deep into the chromatic notes.

Of course, you may choose to bounce back and forth among these different ways of learning.

Here is another page that shows you how the chromatic tablature works:

Get the Alto Chromatic ebook!

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