February 15, 2024

Mark Holdaway

The New 96-page Alto Chromatic Download is Here!

This 96-Page PDF download has all sorts of great instruction for the Hugh Tracey Alto Chromatic Kalimba. It is the book you have been waiting for. As far as I know, it is the only book for the chromatic kalimba.   Better late than never. As I am moving toward retirement, I am finding more time to do the projects I really want to do. And this Chromatic book is one of those projects. I have been selling chromatic kalimbas for 15 years, and there has never been a book to instruct you on playing them. Yes, this book presents unique challenges, but here we are! This book takes three

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Mark Holdaway

New Sales and New Discounts as I Unspool My Inventory

The following new coupon codes are valid through March 1 2024: Coupon code Chromatic50 gets you 50% off Hugh Tracey Chromatic Kalimbas. There are four Hugh Tracey Chromatic models, and they are all on sale at half off! The Alto Chromatic Kalimba, mounted on a resonant box. This one has 15 notes on the front side and 11 chromatic notes on the back side. The Celeste Alto Chromatic Kalimba, mounted on a solid board. This has the same 15/11 tine setup as the Alto Chromatic. The Treble Chromatic Kalimba, mounted on a resonant box. This one has 17 notes on the front side and either 13 or 17 chromatic notes

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