Moon-10 Kalimba in Golden Moon or Silver Moon Tunings – with custom instructional downloads, at ridiculous prices

Silver Moon Tuning

The Moon-10 Kalimba, made by Magadi, really caught me eye. I loved the way they felt and sounded. And I especially loved the variety of tunings I could get out of the Moon-10. And now, I still have a few hundred of them that I need to sell before I can retire. So, you and I can help each other here. I can give you a joyful ride, and you can help me sell out of kalimbas.

Today, I am selling off the Moon-10 Kalimba in two different diatonic tunings. Diatonic? That means they have all the notes from the major scale: “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”. Those two tunings are the Silver Moon (the C major tuning listed below) and the Golden Moon (the F major tuning, but starting on the Silver Moon’s low C, which is the 5th of the F scale). While the difference in tunings is minimal, these two tunings can do quite different things.

Listen to the Silver Moon Tuning

Listen to the Golden Moon Tuning

The standard Moon-10 tuning is the C major pentatonic, with a low note of G. This is great for jamming and having fun… but if you want to play actual songs, a diatonic tuning is much more useful. The Silver Moon tuning keeps the highest notes the same, but fills in the gaps of the pentatonic scale by bringing the lower notes higher. This is a very sweet instrument and a very intuitive tuning – 10 notes in the diatonic C major scale, starting on C. You can hear how intuitive this tuning is by listening to this improvised song below. It gets REALLY good at about 50 seconds in.

The Moon-10 in Silver Moon tuning – beautiful and powerful.

So here is your chance to get a Silver Moon Kalimba at less than half price, plus the Silver Moon instructional PDF thrown in for free. And while I shouldn’t say this too loud, other discounts will further reduce the price you pay for one of these special kalimbas. Why special? Because I don’t think anyone else in the world retunes them the way I do. And they don’t offer the instructional downloads I wrote.

And a side note: the Silver Moon Moon-10 Kalimba has the exact same notes as the Spiral-10, an inexpensive box-mounted kalimba. That means that anything you learn on that kalimba, you can also learn on this one… and vice versa.

Golden Moon Tuning

I call this the Golden Moon tuning, because Silver comes in second place to it. This is the most powerful tuning on the 10-Note, when it comes to playing songs.

The Golden Moon and Silver Moon tunings differ by only one note. The Silver Moon has a B natural, which is the 7th, or leading tone of C. The Golden Moon has the same range as the Silver Moon. The low note is still C. The only note that changes is the B is tuned down a half step to a Bb (B flat). This makes the Bb be the 4th of the scale, A is the 3, G is the 2… and then F is the root, or 1 of the scale.

Then, the low note C becomes the 5th. And they don’t teach you this in music school, but I learned it when I started playing kalimba: there are a whole bunch of songs that you can play in this tuning. It seems odd, because these is only one F – just in the middle of the lower left tines. The high note E doesn’t quite get up there! And yet, the ability to go down to the low 5, or the C right in the middle, effectively extends the range of the instrument.

One way to measure the power of this tuning is to weigh the instructional downloads I wrote for the Silver Moon and for the Golden Moon. The Silver download is 40 pages. The Golden download is 106 pages, containing dozens of songs. And now, you get that download – a $10 value – for free when you buy the Moon-10 in Golden Moon tuning.

The Moon-10 in Golden Moon tuning. With the “5” in the bass, this tuning is the most useful way to set up the Moon-10 Kalimba, as measured by the number of songs you can play on it!

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