Desert Moon – Exotic Music on a Moon-10 Kalimba

I love the enchanting feeling of this Middle eastern Kalimba tuning!

As you can see, this tuning pretty much plays itself! (I haven’t written any books for this Desert Moon Tuning… but you don’t really need a book for it.)

If you order a Moon-10 Kalimba, make sure to select “Desert Moon Tuning”.

The Moon-10 Kalimba is usually tuned to a C pentatonic scale… but there are many other tunings you can put this really cool kalimba into.

I absolutely love the Desert Moon Tuning… one of the exotic tunings I created for the Moon-10 kalimba a few years ago. Forget about learning to play this song or that song – just let your thumbs loose as they explore this Middle Eastern-sounding landscape. Simple. Fun. Beautiful. Enchanting.

Why the pad of paper? When you put the kalimba down on a flat surface, and then lift it or hinge it off of the surface, you get a cool “wah-wah” sound. If you do that on a hard table surface, you will get clicks when the kalimba hits the table. A pad of paper will minimize the unpleasant click sounds.

And the art? The symbolism is the blank page behind the Moon-10 in standard tuning represents the vanilla music you make in this tuning. The artwork behind the Desert Moon kalimba represents something DIFFERENT. My wife SuW and I love to make doodles like this together, and this is one we did over the summer.

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