Do Something for Yourself: Try the Moon-10 Kalimba?

If you are tired of playing the same old kalimba stuff on the 17-Note Kalimbas, try exploring new worlds with the Moon-10.

First off, the Moon-10 has great tines and mind-blowing special effects (the full-body wah wah). This kalimba tends to come in simplified pentatonic scales. This along with the innovative note layout make the Moon-10 great for improvising.

And the diversity of tunings it comes in means you can dial in the types of music it will create:

Phases of the Moon: Moon-10 Alternative Tunings

This video shows two different tunings of Moon-10 Kalimba – F# NAF on the left and Silk Moon on the right. I don’t have to learn any riffs or melodies, I just go and twiddle my thumbs!

Silk Moon Tuning and F# Minor Tuning of the Moon-10 Kalimba.

The F# Minor Kalimba (the video says “F# NAF”, but that isn’t quite right) is a tuning that I made by accident one day two years ago, and it has been at my bed side since. I sometimes play it at night. It does not play any pop songs. It doesn’t play any classical music or African music. But it does have its own song, which pleases me as I get ready to drift off to sleep.

The Silk Moon Tuning is an Ake Bono scale. Similar to the feeling of the Sansula native tuning, but more complete in terms of covering the notes in the scale.



Blood Moon Tuning of the Moon-10 Kalimba

The Blood Moon Tuning is derived from a Francis Bebey (1970s African) Tuning that I have long used on the Hugh Tracey Pentatonic Kalimbas. It is a pentatonic G tuning that has a major 3rd and a minor 7th. I find this one to be funky and groovy – if something can be both of those at once.

So, if you want to just let loose and jam out, you might want to get your Moon-10 Kalimba today!

Do it for yourself!


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