US Supreme Court Dooms the World to Excessive Climate Change – Please Act Now


I will spare you my general opinions of the US Supreme court, and the details of how we got to this place.

I recognize the right of all people to hold their own beliefs, and I trust that the world is a better place when we are able to hear and understand each other.

But the US Supreme Court, in denying that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not legally permitted to regulate green house gases is essentially dooming the entire world to a more-or-less unlivable future. This could doom approximately half of all species of living things on earth over the next few centuries as habitat becomes uninhabitable.

Climate Change is THE most important issue facing humanity today. Not the big lie. Not inflation.  Not Russian aggression. Not gas prices. Not abortion rights or abortion denial. And you will note that I am not pushing my opinions on these other issues.

But I am pushing my opinion on what I believe to be the single most important issue facing us today.

I am not addressing how to fix the broken US Supreme Court which is pushing conservative values on my country’s population against their will.

But… if the Supreme Court has determined that the law that established the EPA in 1970 (thank you, Richard Nixon – your most positive legacy) does not permit the US Government to regulate green house gases, we obviously need another law that does.

Please, please, please, Mr. Bojangles: write your Congresswoman or Congressman and your Senators, and let them know in no uncertain terms that CLIMATE CHANGE is one of your top issues, BEG them to write and support legislation that would work to cut our greenhouse gas emissions. And certainly, let them know that IF THEY DO NOT ACT, that you will be voting for another representative who WILL take this crisis seriously.

I am a one-issue voter: I am pro life, I believe in the sanctity of life on earth, and Climate Change is threatening to delete a huge swath of life on earth.

And of course, keep playing kalimba.  While it does cost some greenhouse gases to build your kalimba and to ship your kalimba around the world, consider this: your 1 pound kalimba can take you to Africa with a lot less emissions than it would take to send your 100-250 pound body and two 40 pound suitcases to Africa. That is, the kalimba can expand your experience without a large CO2 footprint. This is the sort of thinking humanity is going to need to do to deal with our impending climate challenge.

We need more than just ideas and personal sacrifices. Right now, we need our governments to be on our side, working all they can to address our green house emissions problems.

Wishing you the best in these challenging times.




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