Really Nice Tuning Hammers, from Magadi of Course!

The Magadi tuning hammer has a nice wooden handle that fits perfectly in your hand, and is also perfectly balanced. For a superior kalimba tuning experience.

Get your Magadi Balanced Tuning Hammer.

Here are some relevant details: we have two types of kalimba tuning hammers, these Magadi hammers with the wood handle, and the generic hammers with just the narrow metal handles. If you add a tuning hammer to your kalimba order, it will be the generic hammer. To get the Magadi tuning hammer, you need to order the product “Magadi Tuning Hammer”.

Actually, the Magadi kalimbas do not automatically come with any tuning hammer.

The Bamboo 17 and the Spiral 10 kalimbas automatically come with the generic tuning hammers.

Hugh Tracey, Hokema, and Goshen kalimbas do not automatically come with any tuning hammer.

Why? It is just a matter of what the kalimba manufacturers ship with their kalimbas.

Also, not everyone likes to use the hammer to tune. For my own kalimbas? I mainly tune by hand. I do find the Hokema Tuning Tool to be very useful. And if I am going for super fine tuning, like a specially tuned outgoing kalimba, I do tap the tines to get the tine tuning to within 1-2 cents (ie, 1-2 percent of a half step).

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