The Olive-9 Kalimba – Cool for Improvisation, and On Sale Now!

Hey, if you are looking for a new and different experience with kalimba, consider the Pentatonic 9-Note Olive-9 Kalimba. While most 17–Note kalimbas these days implicitly push a precise playing mindset, this kalimba is all about fun and freedom:

Of course, within that fun and freedom, you can still do some awesome things:

But improvisation is key on this cool kalikmba:

This kalimba has a routed out body – which means you can make the cool “wah wah” effect by placing it on a flat surface as you play, and then lifting it up:

And every Olive-9 Kalimba shipped from Kalimba Magic contains this 36 page manual to help you get the most out of your Olive-9 Kalimba experience. It helps you with playing techniques, numbers-based melodies that you can get in the EZ-Numbers Kalimba book, reading tablature, patterns… and most of all, improvising and jamming with backing chord progressions and other musicians.

(If you bought your Olive-9 Kalimba from someone else, you didn’t you can purchase my Olive-9 Book or the Download PDF version.)


And now through the month of July 2023, the Olive-9 Kalimba is on sale, and you can use other coupon codes such as CAT15 for further discounts.

So, get your Olive-9 Kalimba today before the sale ends.


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