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The most important thing you can do to keep your kalimba sounding good is to keep it in tune. The second most important thing you can do is to fix any buzzing tines.

We give you the resources you need to do these kalimba maintenance items yourself – click through to see the links.

If you are unable to accomplish the tuning and fixing yourself, let me introduce you to The Kalimba Doctors: Mark Holdaway, and Mike Ankomeus. Together, we will do our best to improve your old kalimba in about a dozen different ways.


Mark Mike 2

Every week, people send us two or three old kalimbas that require our special attention and our skill at setting up the kalimba to optimize its playability. We take their tired, old kalimbas yearning to breathe free, and transform them from unplayable to fantastic. Watch this video to see how we restored this 50-year-old kalimba:

If Kalimba Magic does this good of a job with this vintage kalimba… just think about how good we can make our brand new kalimbas sound. Before we ship, we go over the tuning and remove buzzes, sometimes improve the wood, paint the tines appropriately, etc. And every kalimba is double checked before it ships to make sure it is just right. In most cases, the kalimbas we ship are instruments that we ourselves would be happy to own, play, and perform on. And the instruments that don’t measure up? We don’t ship them.

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