“Thank You” From Char, Who Discovered She Could Play Music with the Middle Eastern Tuned Kalimba

Dear Kalimba Magic:

“Just wanted to reach out with a big ‘Thank You’, Mark, for making the kalimba accessible to me!

“I originally purchased one of your kalimbas back in 2017 for my partner. She has a natural gift to pick up nearly any instrument and play it perfectly and she loved playing with the one I got her. I recently started poking around with that one and after purchasing a very cheap one on Amazon to make sure I wasn’t just momentarily infatuated, I purchased another one from you for myself along with the corresponding Middle Eastern Music e-book. I come from a very musically-gifted family but I’ve never clicked well at all with patterns. ADHD, untreated at that until recently, made music and language very difficult to grasp and I felt negatively towards myself whenever I tried to pick an instrument up and I couldn’t blend with it. However, your e-book and corresponding videos/music files have made learning this gorgeous instrument feel so natural and fluid.”

The song “Morocco” is in the Middle Eastern eBook.

“Back in 2017 I heard your piece “Morocco” and fell in love with this specific tuning; I really wanted to learn this piece. I’ve not been at it for more than a day and, while I am nowhere competent yet, I have part 2 down with minor mistakes. The little kid in me who felt like a failure whenever attempting to play an instrument or read sheet music thanks to you for your detailed instruction books and wonderfully built sheet music. I cannot express the overwhelming joy I felt when I was able to follow along with part of the song and cried a little when I kept pace. This clicks and you are such a huge piece of that. So, thank you for warming my heart and helping me tackle a long-standing insecurity of mine without even knowing. I deeply appreciate you and your work.”

    – Char

Dear Char,

It always tickles my heart when I learn that I helped someone discover their own joy of music! It was a labor of love, discovering that tuning and learning to play music on it. And it was a labor of love, writing the ebook for the Middle Eastern Tuned Kalimba. And what a joy, when the love goes out into the world, touches someone, inspires someone to their own musicality. And then, the love is always well received when it comes back to me. Thank you!  You made my day.

     – Mark

Most of the 17-Note Kalimbas in C (all but the chromatic kalimbas) can be tuned to the Middle Eastern Tuning. You can order one from us today, tuned to the Middle Eastern tuning. Be sure to request the Middle Eastern tuning.

Similarly, you can take your own 17-Note Kalimba in C and perform a very minimal retuning, and then you can take on the body of songs in the Middle Eastern book. I assure you, this will transform the mood and sound of your kalimba playing. And you can go back to C major any time you want.

Middle Eastern Tuned 17-Note Kalimba

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