On Sale: Books for 17-Note Kalimba in C, Alto Kalimba, Treble Kalimba

The most important part of my life’s work is the body of limited edition kalimba books that I leave behind. But I am really leaving them behind, because once I sell out of them, I will not be reprinting them. And as far as I can see, nobody else will either. So, if you want a piece of kalimba history, take home one of my Kalimba Tablature-based Kalimba Books!

On the other hand, I have five book titles with enough inventory to convince me that I will be holding on to a bunch of these at  the end of the game… which is why I have slashed the prices on the following books:

44 Beginner Songs for the 17-Note Kalimba in C – $8

This book contains progressive songs that you will know, starting with basic arrangements and progressing to some examples with harmony and counterpoint, featuring my own special kalimba arrangements… so no matter where you are on your kalimba journey, you will find some good things here. Includes QR code to play sound files that go with each song.

Easy Christmas Carols for the 17-Note Kalimba in C – $8

OK, ok, it is true that I tend to make things somewhat complicated. I arranged the carols in this book in response to that… and tried to explain everythng in really basic terms, and to arrange these songs in pretty basic and easy ways. But of course, it helps so much to know how these songs go! And if you don’t know how my arrangements go, you can always point your phone at the QR code and go to the downloads page and listen to the MP3 files.

Advanced Alto Christmas Carols – $8

The Advanced Alto Christmas Carols book and the Advanced Treble Carols each have 20 carols in the style that I myself play them on the kalimba, with harmony, counterpoint, and other expressive elements. While these are somewhat challenging arrangements, they are totally worth your while if you are a serious player of the Alto Kalimba or the Treble Kalimba.


Advanced Treble Christmas Carol – $8


Treble Hymnal – $6

The Treble Hymnal (and the Alto Hymnal) has these 50 songs, arranged from simple to difficult. Written and arranged by Sharon Eaton.


Didn’t find a book that interests you? Look at our other books and ebooks.

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