My Retirement Plan: Traveling the Country Giving Kalimba Workshops!

We are starting a list of where in the USA we would like to travel in 2024 and beyond, to share the joys of music and kalimba. Would you like to be a stop along the way? Just to chat over coffee, or get a kalimba lesson? Or would you like to host a kalimba workshop, kalimba history presentation, or a house concert?

If you would like to get on the bus with us (so to speak), please Contact Us. Tell us your name, city or town, phone number, email, and what sort of musical or kalimba adventure you have in mind. We are starting to think of trips to the East Coast, Colorado, California and Oregon starting in spring of 2024.

And, before I get too far down the line, let me tell you who US is. I will be traveling with my wife, fellow musician and singer Su Washington. We are a musical duo called Starlight and Fluff. We mostly sing songs for elders in our community, but we will be branching out as we travel in retirement.

So, if you would like to make some musical magic happen with us, let us know, and we will try to weave you into our plans.



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