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Sound recordings for eight different types of karimbas in a wide variety of tunings

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This is a companion article to the post “Introduction to Karimba” where I explain the history and kinds of karimbas in the world. This information will help you learn more about the karimbas that Kalimba Magic offers.  In this post, I provide sound files for many of our karimba models so you can hear them side-by-side.  I also provide links to the product pages in the Kalimba Magic Shop.  If you are in the market for a karimba this is the go-to place for comparing the different models by sound and also through the detailed information given about them in the Shop pages, where you will find descriptions along with discussion and video of some of the instruments being played.


Kalimba Magic is proud to offer a wide variety of karimbas to the world:


The 17-Note African Karimba can be tuned to A African, A Western (major), A minor, G Western (major), or G minor.

&nbsp African A tuning

&nbsp A Western tuning

&nbsp A minor tuning

&nbsp A minor, no buzzers


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The 17-Note Box Karimba can be tuned to A African, A Western (major), A minor, G Western (major), or G minor.

17-Note Box Karimba in A minor tuning


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The 15-Note Karimba can be tuned to F or F#.

&nbsp F-15 Karimba

&nbsp F sharp -15 Karimba


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The Dave Bellinger Nyunga Nyunga (F-15)

This is a high end karimba, or mbira nyunga nyunga, with a very low-noise pickup and adjustable “graphical buzzilizers” – plastic rings on the tines that limit the buzzer’s maximum motion, and by moving the plastic in or out, you can decrease or increase the level of buzzing. The wood, tines and everything about these karimbas are really nice. Like no other karimba you have played.

&nbsp Bellinger Karimba, acoustic

&nbsp Bellinger Karimba, electric

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The Roots Production Kazula is a 15-Note Karimba or nyunga nyunga, and can be tuned to F or F#.

&nbsp F-15 Tuning


The 8-Note Goshen Box Student Karimba can be tuned to C, A, or G.

&nbsp C tuning


The 9-Note Goshen Student Karimba can be tuned to C, A, or G.

&nbsp G tuning


The 9-Note Zensula Mini-9 can be tuned as a student karimba in Bb or C, as well as to other unrelated tunings.

&nbsp Bb Student Karimba


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