I am thinning out my personal kalimba collection. Take a look?

I am selling these kalimbas. If you want one, contact me! They are not in the shop, but have been set aside for… you? Coupon codes do not apply to these “grab bag” kalimbas.


@kalimbamagic Hugh Tracey Celeste Kalimba in Middle Eastern Tuning. #kalimbamusic #hughtraceykalimba #kalimbatunings #kalimbamagic ♬ original sound – kalimbamagic

Top – $50: This was originally a Hugh Tracey Celeste Pentatonic, but is currently tuned to a Middle Eastern Tuning. Here is it in action



@kalimbamagic Sansula Renaissance #kalimbamusic #sansula ♬ original sound – kalimbamagic

Right – $100: This is a Sansula Renaissance. It is not new, but it has also not been used. There is slight rust on two tines. Surrently in standard tuning, I will put it into any tuning you want, and I will include a instructional download (at least if it is in standard A minor tuning, Heavenly A tuning, Beautiful E tuning, C Major tuning, or Morocco E tuning).


@kalimbamagic Mbira nyunga nyunga or Karimba. The student Karimba is the lower row notes of the Karimba. #karimba ♬ original sound – kalimbamagic

Bottom – $45: This is a Goshen Student Karimba in C with a hole drilled through the body to facilitate wearing it as a necklace. Be careful, don’t use this around elevators. I trust you to not hurt yourself? I will include with this a case and an instructional booklet “Studeny Karimba for Kids”.


@kalimbamagic Mbira style Alto Kalimba. #hughtraceykalimba ♬ original sound – kalimbamagic

Left – $100: This is an Alto kalimba that has been retuned as an “Acoustic Trench”-style kalimba. Tuning: Left row is 7 notes if the G major scale, starting on G3. The Right row is 8 notes of the G major scale, from G4 to G5.


@kalimbamagic Electric pentatonic Hokema kalimba #kalimbamusic #kalimbalove ♬ original sound – kalimbamagic

Not Shown – $120: Hokema Kalimba Klassic Elektro. This one has a very beefy case, which you don’t get if you purchase it from the Kalimba Magic Shop. Also, these have been discontinued, so I have only two more of these, and no others with the case.

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