Mufrika Edward Style Karimba on Board or Box – With New Download

I have finished a 54-page PDF instructional download for the Mufrika Edward style Karimba. This includes traditional Karimba songs from the historic repertoire,  songs from Mufrika, and my own insights into making music on this instrument. The download comes for free when you purchase one of the Mufrika Edward style Karimbas.

I am now re-making these karimbas on both Hugh Tracey Celeste Boards (left) and the Hugh Tracey Alto Boxes (right).

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I am enjoying the Mufrika Edward Karimba as much as I enjoy my Hugh Tracey African-tuned Karimba. It produces different music, so both instruments have a place in my life.

Reminder: I am rebuilding some Hugh Tracey Kalimbas in the layout of Mufrika Edward’s karimba. Mufrika Edward is a Zambian karimba player whose music can be found on Facebook. These rebuilt Hugh Tracey karimbas are 14-Note instruments in F#. The lower row of 8 notes is basically the same as the mbira nyunga nyunga, or the student karimba. The upper row notes are arranged differently from the nyunga, and that is where this instrument shines with delight.

Board Mounted Karimba has a more even tone.

Box Mounted Karimba is louder and has the “wah” effect.

With this karimba, set up like Mufrika’s own hand made instruments, you can watch Mufrika’s music videos and play along, note for note.

Remember, I am paying Mufrika Eduard a 10% royalty on these instruments in his traditional tuning.

Mufrika Edward Style Karimba, made from a Hugh Tracey Celeste Kalimba.

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