Hugh Tracey Chromatic Treble Kalimbas Expected By Sept 15 2021

You can now pre-order the Chromatic Treble Kalimbas. They have been out of stock since January 2021. The good news is that a kalimba resupply mission should be leaving from Africa in early September 2021. I should have these kalimbas in stock around September 15 2021.

Pre-order Chromatic Celeste Treble Kalimba (Board Mounted)

Pre-order Chromatic Treble Kalimba (Box Mounted)

We currently have these chromatic kalimbas in stock:

The hard thing about the chromatic kalimba is that the chromatic notes are on the back side of the kalimba. The easy thing about the chromatic kalimba is that the front side, without the back side flats, defaults to either the Alto Kalimba in G, or the 17-Note Kalimba in C. That is, it is easy to play and you probably know 100 songs on it already. This lets you add the flats or sharps gradually as required.

And the cool thing about this chromatic kalimba layout: it maintains and extends the bi-directional nature of the kalimba into the chromatic notes played by the fingers.

Best! Stay strong. But also, let yourself be vulnerable.

How to Play the Chromatic Kalimba

Resources For the Treble Chromatic Kalimba’s Front Side

Limba Trip – Master of the Treble Chromatic Kalimba

Songs for the Chromatic Kalimba: “Carol of the Bells”

Over the Rainbow

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