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There are three resources that I have recommended to beginning Alto players: the Alto Fundamentals Book, the Alto Primer, and the Easy Alto Download. I include a free, paper Primer when people purchase an Alto kalimba. The Alto Fundamentals Book is sold only as a hard copy. And the Easy Alto Download, though electronic, used to resemble a pile of music dropped into your lap with little instruction by your crazy uncle. Until now.

I am happy to announce the NEW and GREATLY IMPROVED Easy Alto Download!

If you purchased the Easy Alto Download in the past two years, you can get the new version for free. If you didn’t, think about buying the brand new download now. It would be an excellent investment.

There is a vast difference between the old and new versions. Until November 2017, the Easy Alto Download was a zip file that contained about 30 tablature PDF files, 30 KTabS files, and 30 MP3 files, accompanied by a little AAA_README file that basically said “Good Luck!” 

But if you buy the Easy Alto Download today, you will get a single 54-page PDF file. This is your e-book, with thoughtful tablature for 46 examples, songs and exercises, along with instructive comments. In addition, this book has a number of links to important kalimba resource pages, as well as links to the MP3 music files associated with each piece of music. And, since this is a downloaded product, I finally realized I don’t have to worry about printing… so I can use COLOR as much as I want!

In addition, I have rewritten a lot of the pieces, weaving the various instructional threads together into much more of a coherent whole.

Now, if you purchased this download in the past two years, go back through your emails and search for Kalimba Magic – the invoice for your order will contain a link to download the product, and that link should still be good. But instead of downloading the old bulky, disorganized zip file, you will be downloading a new, organized, upgraded PDF.

If you bought the old version but can’t locate your invoice for the Easy Alto Download in your email, drop me a line and I’ll look up your order and take care of you.

While some people leap headfirst into their kalimba experience and never look back, I do know that other people have a difficult time understanding the kalimba and never seem to connect with it. If you feel you could be going farther with your kalimba experience and you own an Alto kalimba, this instructional download will start you at the beginning and really help you understand the note layout and how to use it to your musical advantage on this marvelously useful instrument.

Below is a sample page from the new PDF e-book. If you click the song title (in this one it’s “African Arpeggios – Two Phrase Music“), your web browser would then download and play the MP3 file associated with the tablature on the page – and this one is the same sound file that played automatically when you opened this page, or when you click on the player at the bottom of this post. Through the miracle of modern technology, the old download has been transformed, and, like a teacher in your computer, shows and tells you how to play your Alto kalimba.

EA example

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