Do You Know Mark Holdaway’s Kalimba CDs?

I am  Mark Holdaway, founder and director of Kalimba Magic since 2005. I am a multi-instrumentalist, but Kalimba takes the front seat in most of my music.
In recent years, I have focused most of my musical creativity on my Kalimba Books and Kalimba Downloads. However, I am very proud of my earlier kalimba-based CDs of mostly original music, and I invite you to listen to samples of this music, and purchase one or more CDs if you like the music.

Get “Between the Dark and the Light” CD

The Dark and the Light:


Where is the Rain?:

Get “Two Thumbs Up” CD

Robert’s Dream:

Kicked by the Snow:

Get Baba Marimba’s “Tango de los Muertos” CD

Mark Holdaway has been playing with Baba Marimba since 2011, and his guitar and kalimba playing have been instrumental in the evolution of the band’s sound. Baba is working on another CD now in 2022.

Guy Noir, on an A minor tuned African Karimba:

Zendekaiwa, on Alto and Treble Kalimbas:

Up and Up! Played on an African Tuned Karimba:

Get “Christmas Kalimba” CD

Carol of the Bells:

Silent Night:


Here is a review of my Kalimba Music CDs from long-time kalimba player Kalimba Carl:
I saw my first Hugh Tracey Kalimba in a Sam Ash music store 50 YEARS ago and I bugged my sister Wendy to get me
one for my upcoming birthday, and she did. I loved it. I use to carry it around with me in a leather pouch during my college days. I really loved the tonality even though I didn’t know how to play.50 years ago, the only notable kalimba player was the late Maurice White,leader of the band… Earth, Wind and Fire, the guy who helped David Foster when he was getting started.  Maurice’s kalimba licks were way ahead of his time. However, by todays standards with kalimba albums
such as Mark Holdaway, who is, in my humble opinion…  The King of Kalimba… the best I’ve ever heard  … and I’ve been playing 50 YEARS. Mark Holdaway’s music is inspired.
I’ve never met Mark but I’m probably his biggest fan. I have all of his CD’s and listened to them a gazillion times. I still can’t play as fast or as precise as Mark, even after 50 years. He has been touched by the hand of the Universe. Best Wishes
-Kalimba Carl Willoughby



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