“Making Friends with the Mini-7 Kalimba” – Our Newest Booklet

The Mini-7 Pentatonic Kalimba, made by Magadi, is a great little kalimba for small hands. I have just finished a very thoughtful 32-page booklet to help you unlock the music of this kalimba. If you have a Mini-7 Kalimba, you might want to get our booklet! If you are outside the USA, you might want to get the ebook version to avoid slow and costly shipping.

@kalimbamagicMini-7 Kalimba, big or small, comes with great new booklet. ##kalimbatabs ##kalimbatutorial ##mini7kalimba

♬ original sound – kalimbamagic

To give you an idea of what the Mini-7 Kalimba book is about, take a look at these pages from it:


Each song or lesson has a sound recording that you can listen to.

You access these sound recordings at the Mini-7 Kalimba Resources Page, which you access via a URL in the booklet, or via the QR code in the booklet. The ebook has live links to the sound files.

This little kalimba can make a surprising lot of music! Dvorak’s “Goiong Home” theme, African American spirituals such as “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Go Tell It on the Mountain”, and a bunch of lovely hypnotic patterns that are not only easy to play, but also can shift your mind into a meditative state.

Purchase the Mini-7 Booklet

Purchase the Mini-7 Download

You can get the Small and Large Mini-7 Kalimbas bundled together – with two books so you can each learn.

Here you can purchase the Big Mini-7 Kalimba.

Here you can purchase the Small Mini-7 Kalimba.

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