01 April 2016

TIP: A Karimba Improvisational Strategy Part 5

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in Tips

The third intervals

TIP: A Karimba Improvisational Strategy Part 5
Exploring the third intervals

This is an exercise which uses every "third" interval (some are major thirds, some are minor thirds, but that is not our focus right now) in the lower row tines. They sound great and there are a lot of them. At measure 4, make sure that you start on the correct two notes, as you can start out incorrectly but it still sounds right.

In measures 1 and 2, try playing the two indicated notes with the right thumb and right index finger.

The long range plan in this series: the right thumb will play something low, strong, and supportive while the left thumb plays a dancing melody.  Ultimately, I'd like you to be able to improvise on the left side.  

This exercise is meant to help you learn more about intervals in general, but it is also training for the right thumb's part.

Remember these intervals - they are not difficult and sound great, and can be woven into many songs.

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