Reviews of New eBook: “Just the Tips”

Here are our first customer reviews of my newest book, “Just the Tips”.

First, written by K.P.:

“While I’ve only just kind of skimmed the book, I love it.  As I may have said, up till now I’ve mostly improvised.  More interested in relaxation, meditation, communing with the sounds, so this book will be wonderful.

These days I’m really drawn to the instruments with two levels of tines, and all these tips will be helpful (including using super glue to fix the small hangnail).

BTW, it took a bit of time to figure this out, but the ‘Books’ app on an iPhone is a place one can store PDFs and find them – It’s where I have all your books (well, not ALL, just the ones I’ve purchased!)

Thanks again,


Kim: I use my ‘Files’ app on my iphone to save my PDF books. It is a great place for set lists too! And tracks across to the ipad if I save them on icloud.

And the second review:

“I enjoyed reading it so much. What it felt like reading was getting to sit down with you over a glass of wine (or whatever) and a couple of instruments scattered about and just listening to you muse and share all of the secrets you’ve absorbed over your years of playing and learning, and are generous enough to share with a novice. I look forward to reading the rest of your thoughts.


And a third:

“Hey, Mark, I respect your mad skills at arranging kalimba music, but sometimes the kalimba tabs makes my head hurt! Maybe later when I’ve found my own way on the kalimba. But I have to say, your new TIPS book is a pure wonder to read. THANK YOU! You are setting me on the path!


Please, I would love to hear your comments on the Tips book.  More specifically, I would be very interested in hearing from someone after they have been working with the Tips Book for 6-12 months… but I guess I’m just going to have to be patient.

– Mark Holdaway // Kalimba Magic

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