Kalimba Magic Catalog 2017

The Catalog is available in hard copy or as a PDF Download

Download a PDF Catalog, or listen to the sound files

For the first time in seven years, Kalimba Magic has printed a catalog.   Click through to find out what is special about this new catalog and how to get a hard copy or a soft copy catalog of your very own.

In the past, I have used professional help with catalogs in terms of photography and design layout.  This time, I have done all the work for the catalog on my own.  While it has slowed me down – I haven’t produced a single book during the time I worked on the catalog – I think there are a number of benefits evident in the final product. Here are some of its outstanding features:

  • All the photos are new and were taken over a few days and are very consistent in the scale, lighting, and processing.  This resulted in a more realistic portrayal of these kalimbas, and makes comparison easier.
  • There is an integration between the hard copy and PDF versions of the catalog.  In the PDF version, most photos and text areas are clickable, and will take you to a webpage with more information on each kalimba, including sound recordings.  The hard copy catalog directs you to the webpage kalimbamagic.com/catalog which has links to sound files for the various kalimbas and links to each kalimba’s product page.
  • In addition to the 41 kalimbas presented, the catalog also contains an introduction to kalimba tablature and advice on optimal kalimbas for kids (and kids at different ages/stages). You’ll also find links to pages on kalimba history and extensive playing tips (just a small part of KalimbaMagic.com), along with 32 of our most popular kalimba books. Each book was created especially for a specific kalimba, kalimba tuning, or style of kalimba playing.

So, I invite you to download a free catalog, browse through the sound recordings on the catalog support page, or send us a request for a hard copy catalog including your mailing address:

Download a PDF Catalog (1MB)  

Access Kalimba Sound Recordings

Request a hard copy catalog be mailed to you.


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