Four Tunings for the 17-Note Kalimba

Different Kalimba Tunings Inspire Different Musics

How many great tunings are available to your 17-Note Kalimba? Realistically, I would say there are thousands of excellent tunings, but most of them haven’t been discovered yet. But here are four of the tunings that people ask for the most, in a 60-second video that lets you compare and contrast the tunings… by going backward and forward.

Left to right: (red) Standard C Major Tuning. (purple) C Minor Tuning. (yellow) Middle Eastern Tuning. (blue) EW&F “Evil” Tuning.

You can get any of these tunings on any of the 17-Note Kalimbas in C.

I’ve written tons of stuff for the 17-Note Standard C Tuning:

Resources For the 17-Note Kalimba in C

I love the Middle Eastern Tuning so much that I wrote a book for it!

Middle Eastern Tuned 17-Note Kalimba

There is a download for the G minor Alto, which has tablature that can be read by the C minor 17/C Kalimba:

Instructional Download: Alto in G minor

Learn more about the Evil Tuning:

Maurice White’s “Evil Tuning” – Using African Sensibilities in Pop Music

Maurice White’s Kalimba Tuning Revisited

So… you want to the the actual tuning charts? When you order one of these tunings, we do send you the tuning charts!

Exotic Tunings for 17-Note Kalimba

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