Brand New to Kalimba? Step 2

Find the books and downloads that will work for your kalimba

I’m Mark Holdaway. I’ve been playing kalimba since 1986, and I put all my experience into my kalimba books.

Hi, Mark from Kalimba Magic again.

Each different type of kalimba, with different notes, is capable of different songs. Hence, each different type of kalimba needs its own book. As there are dozens of fundamentally different types of kalimbas out there, there are many many kalimba books… in my universe, anyway!

I have written 50 kalimba instructional downloads and 25 kalimba books. And so, when you go looking at my kalimba books or ebooks, figuring out which one/s would work with your kalimba could be a big task.

Here is a great tip for you: on most of Kalimba Magic’s book and ebook product pages, there will be an image of that specific kalimba’s tuning chart (which is what that kalimba looks like). If your kalimba matches the book’s chart, that book is for you. If not, you probably need another book, or you may need to retune your kalimba.

This blog post also provides you with links for all the instructional resources for certain popular kalimbas.


Here are some quick links to the books and ebooks that work for some of the most popular kalimbas and music styles:

10-Note Kalimba in C has 5 ebooks:

17-Note Kalimba in C has 6 ebooks and a hard copy book:

So much going on in the Sansula world:

The Hokema B11 is more capable than the Sansula:

The Hugh Tracey Alto is the kalimba I play most often:

Christmas resources:

African music for various types of kalimba:

Remember, you can save 30% on any Book or eBook at Kalimba Magic with the coupon code Book30. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know!



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