May 25, 2022

Mark Holdaway

Pre-order “365 Days to Kalimba Mastery” for 17/C Kalimba, at half price

This groundbreaking guide to kalimba mastery will be available for download Jun 30 2022. You can pre-order it now for  half price at $6. Why You Need This Book This book serves you bite sized bits of kalimba wisdom and beauty, that fit on your phone screen, to help you play kalimba like I do. Each lesson has one screenful of tablature (typically 4 measures), a sound recording, and my explanatory words. Many lessons also have staff notation. The kalimba is a totally amazing instrument, capable of much magic and much music. But almost all of the instructional material available for the kalimba focuses only on the melody. The true

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Mark Holdaway

Can You Help Spread the Word About Kalimba Magic?

Can you help spread the word about Kalimba Magic? This is my moment of need, and I am reaching out to you because I believe you have benefited from what I do: Kalimba Magic. You may have benefited from one or more of our kalimbas… a Hugh Tracey, or a Sansula, or a Goshen? A SaReGaMa tuning? A karimba? A Magadi kalimba? Or one of the new Chinese 17-Note or 10-Note Kalimbas? You may have benefited from one or more of the 100 kalimba books or ebooks I have written for various kalimbas and musical genres. You have almost certainly benefited from the kalimba tablature that I invented in 2004,

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