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history front a KALIMBA HISTORY

Hugh Tracey was the single most important agent for world awareness and enjoyment of kalimbas and their music. He was an Englishman with a deep personal love for traditional African music and instruments. The history of the kalimba - its roots, its sound, its story, provide structure and depth to the instruments we listen to and play today.

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This rich section is the motherlode of the Kalimba Magic website. Everything you'd ever want to know about playing the kalimba: ways of learning (left brain or right brain?); understanding and using tablature and the KTabS program; tuning your kalimba; thumbnail care; detailed information about 17 different kalimbas, including videos; illustrating sound and technique, tips, tablature (songs written out in musical notation), instructional books and downloads, and dozens of alternative tunings.

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Info MusicTherapy 300x230THE KALIMBA IN MUSIC THERAPY (Under COnstruction)

The kalimba can be used very effectively in music therapy. Making the sounds on the instrument is very easy, and as the therapist, you have complete control over the tuning. It is easy to take away the "bad notes" and leave just the "good notes" to tilt the odds in favor of a successful musical experience. Furthermore, you can use different tunings that will engender different ranges of emotions.

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