Kalimba Magic Heart-9 Box Student Karimba Based on the Heart-10 kalimba, this one has 9 notes and is tuned to the "original mbira" or "student.. Product #: HEART9_BOX_STUKAR Regular price: $43.00 $43.00

Heart-9 Box Student Karimba

Brand: Kalimba Magic

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The African notes to play the African songs, plus mounted on a box with coverable sound holes to give the "wah" effect.

This kalimba started out life as the "Heart-10" kalimba tuned to "Do Re Mi" in C. BUT, I changed the tuning on this one to the tuning of the Student Karimba - also known as the "Original Mbira" and the "Kalimba Core" (according to ethnomusicologist Andrew Tracey, Hugh Tracey's son) - that is, what is thought to be the original tuning of the original African mbira from about 1300 years ago. As such, it plays a whole bunch of traditional African music - or, like the piece in the video tab, African-sounding music.

The Heart-9 has a brilliant sound, good volume from the amplification of the box, and very smooth tines. It is a joy to play.

But here is the clincher: the song that I am playing in the video on the "video tab", Butsu M'Tandari, is in the 16-page booklet Student Karimba for Kids, with free MP3 music downloads that I will send you FOR FREE when you purchase any Student Karimba.

This is a great instrument for kids, with soft smooth wood and smooth and light metal tines. Lets say the instrument is great for kids 6 and up (at least up to 53, as I love mine). The "Student Karimba for Kids" book is good for about 8 and up, or younger if someone helps them read the words.

Learn more about the Student Karimba.


The Heart-9 Box Student Karimba sounds great, and the smooth, wide tines feel great under thumb.