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Many people are not looking for anything in specific – they will go for a particular kalimba or tuning because it makes cool music that resonates with them.   I think chances are good that these people will find something that tickles them among the tunings I have presented.

Some people have very specific needs.  They might require a sansula in a particular key so that it will work with other instruments playing a song in that key, or to accompany singing a particular song in that key.  Inventing a tuning for a particular key is as much an art as a science.  

In many cases, we can come up with a kalimba that fits your needs. This service is part of what we do at Kalimba Magic. Let us know if you have the need for a special tuning.

It usually takes us between an hour and a week to figure out a new tuning.  Sometimes I can figure out a tuning by making a small modification to a tuning I have already used – that is, just figure out a tuning by reason.  However, I think the best tunings are a result of sitting down with the kalimba and moving the tines around and experimenting with various ways of arranging the notes.  If you requested a sansula tuned to Bb minor, there are hundreds of ways to do that.  There are probably ten really good ways of putting that tuning on the sansula. Ultimately, the one that I think makes the most sense and will be the most useful is the one that is kept.


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