Star-13 Kalimba in G Tuning – bundled with 50 pages of inspirational lessons

Here is the Star-13 in G Tuning, playing Bob Marley’s “Is This Love”.

OK, I’ll reckon straight with you. I have too many of the Star-13 Kalimbas in stock. To sell my business, I need to get the inventory way down. To sell these kalimbas off at a discount, I am doing what I should have done when I started selling them in 2021: write articulate and helpful instructional materials to help you get the most out of the Star-13 Kalimba. But instead of doing that work, I was tending to my ill wife. (It is complicated, but she is doing much better now.)

No complaints. My life is great. But I still have to sell more of these Star-13 Kalimbas. So, I have just written a 50 page instructional PDF with live links to the sound recordings for each lesson… for the Star-13 in the G tuning. I’m inspired, but I should have been inspired when the Star-13 Kalimba first came into my life.

Why G tuning?

It puts the root note as the lowest note, which is psychologically powerful when improvising and playing. And for some reason, this was not the standard tuning, but it is a tuning Kalimba Magic has offered since the beginning. And I actually love this tuning. So I’m glad to be offering the Star-13 Kalimba in G Tuning bundled with the instructional download.

Here are links to purchase:

If you already have a Star-13 in G – or if you have one in another tuning and you will retune to G yourself (very simple, really), all you need is the 50-page instructional download.

Or, you can get the Star-13 tuned to G, bundled with the instructional download.

Instead of hyping the download, I will just invite you to read a few of the pages in the ebook:


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