Now Available: Hard Copy of “32 Songs for the 8-Note Kalimba”

These songs are derived from the “66 Songs” download collection that was translated from Treble Kalimba… to C-Alto… to 17-Note Kalimba in C.. and yet other kalimbas. The key aspect of these songs that makes them accessible to a mere 8-Note kalimba is that they go down to the 5th of the scale. (Think “A-mazing Grace”, which starts on the low 5 note and goes up the the 1 note.) If only the 8-Note started on the 5 note, instead of the 1 note!

Oh – actually if you retune your B tine to Bb, then your 8-Note kalimba is in the key of F, and the low C becomes the 5th. So, if you make this simplest of all retunings – just one note, retuned by the smallest increment, a half step – then you can play all the songs in this book.

Retuning in this way opens up your 8-Note Kalimba to a wealth of songs that are otherwise impossible to play on it!

Until now, this collection of songs has only been available as a PDF download from Kalimba Magic.

Now, you can purchase the “32 Songs for the 8-Note Kalimba”  book from Amazon for $12.

We are also selling the same books, printed by Amazon, for $12 at the Kalimba Magic Shop.

Learn more about this collection of songs:

Take Your 8-Note (or 10-Note) Kalimba Playing to the Next Level



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