Lotus Tuning on the M17 and B17 Kalimbas

What is the Lotus tuning about? This exotic tuning has its own music. Its own musical landscape. You don’t try to learn your favorite song on this tuning. You give yourself over to the logic of the lotus tuning. You swim within the oceans this kalimba tuning provides to you for free.

Well, not quite for free, because the retuning and setup process takes us about half an hour, and we do charge a small fee for that. But it is worth it – we are experts at rearranging kalimbas, and we will make sure your Lotus-tuned B17 or M17 kalimba is playing at the top of its game.


“Lotus Tuning” was invented by new age kalimba artist SaReGaMa. It was an experimental tuning of the 17-note Hugh Tracey African-tuned Karimba. It played equally well in G minor or C minor, and had a modal, tribal feel. The scalloped shape the tine tips make reflect how mixed up the notes are in this tuning. You don’t control them – they control you. At the very least, you partner with the tuning and collaborate to create something you likely would not have played on any other kalimba layout.

Now, we offer the Lotus Tuning (Gm / Cm – with a low note of C) on the Hokema B17 Kalimba. Be sure to select “Lotus Tuning.” I like the sound and feel of the B17 Lotus. Soft and metallic, soothing and striking at the same time. What do you think?


The Lotus tuned kalimba lends itself to wistful and emotive improvisations.


The Magadi M17 Kalimba can also be turned into the Lotus tuning. However, the tines on the M17 are not as long as the B17, so the M17 Lotus is (Am / Dm – with a low note of D) – a whole step higher than the standard Lotus (Gm / Cm). I find this one to have a bit more crystalline sound, a bit more like a tiny music box playing tiny kalimba music.

Here is the M17 Lotus tuned kalimba.


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