Kalimba Americana for Alto Kalimba

Play favorite folk and popular music on your Alto kalimba!

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This is the music I grew up with – the American song book! These are some of the songs that bind us together as citizens of the great American experiment. To many of us, this is some of the sweetest music in the world!

This 54-page PDF download with clickable links to MP3 files has tablature for 29 different versions of 25 different songs. This book has enough easy songs to have a beginner playing right away, and it has enough complex songs to keep you working for months or longer!


This book’s music is arranged for the Alto kalimba. Most days, my faithful old Alto is my kalimba of choice, and I really enjoy its lower pitches. I love to play it when I go for my morning walks, or when I bring music to people in situations where they cannot get out much, like a hospital or nursing home.

I invite you to take a look at the Table of Contents from the “Kalimba Americana for Alto” download:

Americana Alto Contents


Here is the tablature for page one of “Home on the Range.” This song is typical of Level 2 songs in that it has melody and, in places, a single harmony note. If you had the actual PDF, you could click on the sound icon (the black note with green sound waves) in the upper left corner, and your web browser would be driven to play the MP3 sound file – a recording that shows you exactly how this tablature should sound.

 Americana Alto p36

By the way, this new and easy-to-use download replaces an older, less user-friendly Americana download that consisted of a ZIP file with tablature for the individual songs.

A version of Kalimba Americana for 17-Note Kalimba in C will be forthcoming in a few months.

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